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9 Different Ways To Wear A T-Shirt

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WE DESIGNED THE DAILY TEE to be an unwavering central component of your wardrobe. Critical to that "foundational" status was to institute a slim — but not tight — silhouette that offers maximum versatility and styling freedom. We also make it with ultra-soft, premium Peruvian cotton and prewash the shirt for a worn-in feel right out of the box.

In effect, we've created the perfect t-shirt. It's way more than just a simple tee and we're damn proud of it. Our nine styling tips below will show you how to take full advantage of an item that (thankfully) doesn't have a conventional thread in its being.

1. LAYER IT ON TOP OF ITSELF. The Daily Tee's functional, modern silhouette makes one of its best layering companions... The Daily Tee. Like the guy above, try wearing a classic white number underneath a more visually alluring teal or turquoise tee. It adds depth and interest to an otherwise commonplace look.

2. BREAK OUT THE BUTTONS. This is the first step in pushing a basic element of your wardrobe into previously unexplored, formal territory. Rock a grey crewneck tee under a navy Oxford. You can leave the shirt totally unbuttoned if you're all about that masculine workwear aesthetic, or do it up halfway for an intentionally rumpled appearance.


3. AFTER TWO COMES THREE. Once you master the move in point two (or if you already have it locked down), grab yourself a blazer and a v-neck to climb the next formal rung. The reason we recommend rockin' a v-neck with a blazer as opposed to a crewneck is that the former plays better with lapels and builds a sleekness akin to Daniel Craig in Skyfall. Cap it off with a solid pocket square if you feel so inclined.

4. A BOLD BOTTOM HALF. Opting for a pair of colored chinos (rather than the tried and true t-shirt and jeans or khaki chinos combo) will go aloooong way in adding some invaluable diversity to your Daily Tee look. Use this move with our other tips to round out an outfit.

5. WEAR IT WITH TROUSERS. Breaking up a suit is an easy way to get the most out of your clothing (as displayed in point three). Try wearing a crisp white tee under a grey cardigan with navy trousers. It's the balancing act between formal and informal that results in a personalized look (all on the crutch of timeless, failsafe classics).


6. COMFORTABLY GRINDING THROUGH THE 9-5. Yes, fine sir, you can indeed wear our ultra-comfortable, Peruvian cotton t-shirt to your business casual workplace. Just add a cardigan! If the sweater has a thick collar (such as a shawl neck), wear a v-neck tee for the same lapel-driven purpose outlined in point three.

7. SWEATER MAN. Layering a t-shirt under a sweater is a hotly debated issue among people who spend their days hotly debating such issues. The key to pulling it off is to not wear your white Michael Jordan-endorsed undershirt with the sweater. It's that sort of tee that made this outfit synonymous with aging suburbanites and miserable cubicle servants. The Daily Tee, on the other hand, is meant to be worn in full view of the public eye. So go ahead and pair a crewneck number with a v-neck sweater.

8. PUFF, PUFF, PASS. The puffer has been and will continue to be a major trend in transitional weather. Wear yours with a crew or v-neck tee to add an instant dose of preppiness to your look.

9. MAKE 'EM LOOK ELSEWHERE. A standout watch with a colored face or dial (plus other subtle jewelry) will further dress up an otherwise casual tee.







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