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What EXACTLY Is French Terry???

BEING COMFY NO LONGER means looking sloppy. Trim-cut loungewear has been dominating the menswear sphere for a while now, which is good news because we're creating top-notch, quality sweatpants, crewnecks, and zip-ups that you can realistically wear everyday and easily incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

Spearheading the Comfy Sartorial Movement (CSM) is French terry, a sweat-wicking, ultra-cozy fabric with natural stretch that gives you theperfect excuse to update all of your loungewear basics.

FRENCH TERRY is a knit fabric characterized by loops, or piles, of yarn on one side (typically on inside of clothing). It's woven using two separate warp threads, one of which is left with loose tension. That loose thread is pushed backward while the other yarns are woven together, creating the trademark loops pictured above.

French terry is a derivative of terry cloth, which has loops on both sides and was first popularized by English manufacturer Christy Textiles in the mid-19th century after Henry Christy, the founder's son, discovered the Turkish towel while traveling in Istanbul. He began producing it on a mass scale using a special machine designed by one of Christy's employees.
What makes it different:
DESPITE BEING a relative of terry cloth, there are a few differences between the two fabrics. The most notable being that the material of French terry offers forgiving stretch, similar to what happens when you add elastane to denim.

Like terry cloth, French terry boasts wicking properties. The length of the cloth's loops dictate how much liquid can be absorbed, making it ideal as both activewear and loungewear. (The stretch and sweat-wicking is for your workouts, while the yarn pile coziness will aid your Netflixing and chilling).

A French terry hoodie is also lighter in weight than a traditional fleece sweatshirt, so you can wear it when the weather gets warm and layer it over or under a wider variety of clothing during the winter.

A small snippet of style history:

DURING THE 1980S, French terry made the leap from athletic gear to mainstream clothing, specifically in the form of beach-friendly summer apparel like shorts and tank tops. 

Since then, designers have harnessed the fabric's Big Three characteristics — superior comfort, stretch, and sweat-wicking properties — and applied them to the world of loungewear with joggers, sweatshirts, and zip-up hoodies.

Along with the different technical features outlined above, French terry offers on-trend visual texture (it's almost heathered) for an extra bit of oomph that the detail-oriented guy cares about.

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